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Story Behind the Jewelry Collection

Thank you for visiting my website! I’m Myra Schwartz in Chicago, Illinois (USA), a kidney patient for most of my adult life. The idea to create kidney shaped jewelry followed the loss of my own kidney function. I spent 10 years on hemodialysis before receiving a living, non related, donor kidney transplant in July, 2002.

(A note to my remarkable donor is on page 20.)

I’m a bead jewelry designer by trade. Not long after starting dialysis in 1991, I came across my first kidney shaped beads at a gem show and a collection was born.  Formerly known as Spare Parts Jewelry, my line now has a constantly changing assortment of miniature kidneys made of sterling silver, gemstone, glass, bone, wood and other materials. Beads shaped like kidneys are fairly rare and difficult to find...much like the real thing!

This website probably has more kidney shaped items than anywhere else in the world. Besides what I find to work into my own designs, I also commission other artists to make one-of-a-kind kidneys to keep the selection new and exciting. In addition, I search for vintage kidney shaped jewelry/objects at estate sales & auctions and put them on my “Vintage/Found Jewelry” page.

The kidney jewelry that I design is infused with my love of beads, a creative spirit, and the desire to create something positive from Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD). Each item is a small reminder that life is about hope, love and continuity. It is my hope that you feel this spirit and are nurtured into positive thought. I wish you good health!

I’m so pleased that has shipped orders to every state in the USA, as well as many countries around the globe spanning five of the seven continents. Your business is appreciated!

I’m pleased to have sent over $6500.00 in donations since starting a program of end of year donations to patient education programs. Thank you to everyone who has placed an order to help make this possible.

My last donations went to the Renal Support Network, a national patient run organization based in California, and the National Kidney Foundation of Illinois. Click on these blue hyperlinks to view their informative websites.

Please consider sending your own donations to these worthy and hard working organizations. Donations can easily be made online to these or your own favorite kidney groups.

Due to a flooding disaster, I must temporarily suspend my end of year donation program.

I will resume again as soon as possible.



“The purpose of life is to discover your gift.

The meaning of life is to give your gift away.”

-David Viscott, Psychiatrist and media personality (1938-1996)


All content on this website is copyrighted © 2017 by Myra Schwartz. All rights reserved.

       You may not reproduce any part without permission.



or call: 847-251-6220 (Illinois, USA, Central Time Zone, 9am-9pm)

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Exclusive 1” Sterling Scrollwork Kidney Pendant $65

Page 2

Anatomical Jewelry

Kidneys, Livers, Hearts,

Lungs and Intestines

See the Collection

from $6-$42    Page 10  

Kidney key ring in sterling silver, $85

See Gifts for Guys

Page 12

Sterling Kidney within a Kidney Pendant $48

Page 2

Handcrafted wood kidney shaped items in jewelry and objects for the home,

See them on Page 14

One of a Kind

Handmade glass kidney pendants

Page 11 from $45


greeting cards

Page 18

See them all

$3.25 ea

Contact me for transplant center quantity orders.

Euro style kidney charms,

From $8-$85

See them all, Page 7

Symbolic Gifts of Gratitude for the Ultimate Gift of Life

* Living Organ Donor Gifts
*Celebrate transplants/anniversaries    *Commemorate donors or families
*Thank transplant/dialysis staff    *Remember organization volunteers
*Professional speaker gifts    *Kidney cancer awareness gifts
*Gifts and greeting cards for recipients & donors 

Professional Inquiries Welcome!
*Transplant Centers and hospital gift shops
*Kidney organizations

Sold across the USA and the globe!

Contact designer and transplant recipient Myra Schwartz 
at or call 847-251-6220 (Illinois, USA)

Exclusive Donor/Recipient gift set! 1” sterling kidney “butterfly” pendants, one with kidney “removed” and one with kidney “added” $110  See Page 2

Sterling silver rounded kidney pendant


details on Page 2

Sterling Kidney Pendant

with Mother of Pearl; glass pearl chain


Page 3

Rare Larimar Gemstone and Sterling Kidney Pendants $50-$115

Page 3